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Peter Greendale

Born 1956 in Raymond, Alberta

Lives & works in Cochrane, Alberta


Artist's Statements:



Since my residency at the Banff Centre in 1984/85 my drawing has focused upon the depiction of the common, everyday object. Although I have a reverence for for traditional drawing and in the formal aspects of my work I am also interested in going beyond the aesthetic to have these images serve to comment upon the culture from which they derive.



For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in photography and a desire to record what I find beautiful and interesting around me.


Photography: Exquisite Corpse

In July of 2009 I was a month long resident artist at the Gushul studio in Blairmore Alberta.  Although my main intent for the residency was to work on my large charcoal drawings I began to explore the area and found it to be a rich and fascinating subject for my photographic work.

I became drawn to the abandoned spaces and rundown buildings in the area and some of these photographs were included in my exhibition titled "Paradise Lost" which was held at the Trianon Gallery in Lethbridge Alberta in late 2011 and early 2012.

I have continued to build on this collection of photographs giving them the title the "Exquisite Corpse."


Photography: Found Light

Since 2015 I have been involved in what has become an ongoing series of photographic work that I've given the title "Found Light."

My concern with this work is not the recording of a particular subject or an event,  rather my process is to seek out interesting visual elements (colour, shape etc.) and through employing the camera's viewfinder visually "construct" new and original imagery.  It is an purely formal approach in that the "subjects" I come across are only important for the visual elements they provide,  For example, the sky is not a background space in which a subject is situated but instead a coloured shape to be employed as a visual element like any other.  I've likened this approach to working with "collage."  Existing formal elements are arranged into new forms and imagery.

The images in "Found Light" are the result of serendipitous strolls through the streets and alleys of towns and cities of southern Alberta and B.C. However, my intention is not to document a specific subject, time or place, but a pursuit of original imagery drawn from the forms, colours and textures I find and arranged using compositional device of the camera's viewfinder.

Photography: "17th/International Avenue"

Since 2022 I've been exploring the iconic "17th & International Avenue" areas in Calgary AB.  Seventeenth avenue in the south of Calgary and "International Avenue" in the south east are unique in their rich street life, exotic eateries and esoteric boutique shopping. 

As with all of my art photography it's not my intent to systematically document a time and place. Rather my intent is to approach these areas as unique entities and to explore them as an artist

seeking visually interesting imagery.

Photography: Flowers

What can I say?  They're pretty and they don't move.




1999 - 2001 University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. Bachelor of Education


1990 - 1992 University of Calgary,

Calgary, AB. Masters of Fine Arts (drawing)


1975 - 1982 University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB. Bachelor of Fine Arts (printmaking)




1986 - First Purchase Award, National Drawing Competition,

Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna B.C.


1984 - Banff Centre Scholarship, Banff AB.


Exhibitions - Selected Solo


2023 "Found Light", photography, Viewpoint Gallery, Red Deer AB. January 6 - February 24


2009  "Horizon" Open Space - World to a View Exhibition Space, Calgary AB.


2003  "Recent Work", drawings, Grande Praire College, Grande Praire AB.


1992  "The Allegorical Object"  Thesis Exhibition, Nickle Arts Museum, U of C.


Exhibitions - Selected Group


2023 "Convergence", photography, Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge AB. Sept. 9 - Nov. 4


2020 "Colour in Quarantine", photography, Online Exhibition by 330g Gallery, Saskatoon SK, June 28 - Dec.1


2020 "International Open Call", photography, "Exposure Photography Festival" at Contemporary Calgary, Jan. 31 - April 26 

2019 "Those Who Wander", photographs, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton AB

2019 "The Artists Lens", photographs, Alberta Society of Artists, Walterdale Theatre Gallery, Edmonton AB

2018 "The Artists Lens", photographs, Alberta Society of Artists, Artpoint Galleries and Main Branch, Calgary Public Library, Calgary AB

2017 "Northwest, Southwest", photographs, CASA Gallery, Lethbridge AB

2017 "The Artists Lens: Urban Studies" photographs, Alberta Society of Artists, Artpoint Galleries, Calgary AB

2016 "Show Me Something I Don't Know" photographs, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB.

2012  "Paradise Lost", drawings, watercolour paintings and photographs, Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge AB


2009 "Inside-Out Art". Exhibition of Art Educators, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.


2007 "Nexus, Histories and Communities" Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna B.C.


1999 "Group Show" Kelowna Art Gallery", Kelowna B.C.


1997 "Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition", Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary AB.

Public Collections


Kelowna Art Gallery

Alberta Art Foundation

Grant MacEwan College

Strathcona County



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